Bloomberg Doesn't Rule Out Presidential Run: 'I Think It Would Be a Great Challenge'

April 22, 2018

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn't rule out a White House bid in 2020, saying Sunday the odds were "not very high" but adding it would be a "great challenge."

Bloomberg, a left-leaning independent who served three terms in the mayorship, has also been a Democrat and a Republican. He spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 on behalf of Hillary Clinton, and he's a vocal advocate for addressing climate change and passing stricter gun control laws.

"Face The Nation" host Margaret Brennan asked him if any candidate in either party embodied the leadership he would support in 2020, but he said it was too far out to know.

"I bet you 25 cents the candidate that gets the nomination isn't even mentioned today," Bloomberg said.

Brennan asked him what the odds were he would seek the White House.

"Not very high," he said.

"Not very high, but not zero," Brennan said.

"If God said 'I'd appoint you,' I think it would be a great challenge, and you'd have to think long and hard. Are you physically able to do it? Do you think you can attract the right people?" he said.

At the moment, Bloomberg said, he was not running for president, reeling off his focuses on public education, jobs programs, defense issues around the world and building alliances.

"I think I can as a private citizen help in some of those things, and that's what I want to do with my life," he said.

"It also sounds like a platform," Brennan said.