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As Nation Recovers From Record-High Gas Prices, Biden Moves To Yank Tax Breaks From Oil Industry

Policy change would quash oil and gas production, environmentalists argue

March 9, 2023

After Walking Back Pledge To Shutter Coal Plants, Biden Admin Proposes Rule That Could Shutter Coal Plants

EPA restrictions would impose new compliance costs on coal plants, which could force them to close

March 8, 2023

Another Buttigieg Scandal: Electric Bikes Keep Exploding on His Watch

Fires caused by lithium-ion batteries have killed 8 and injured almost 200 in New York City alone

March 8, 2023
John Kerry

John Kerry Rebukes Oil Companies for Increasing Production. The President Has Been Pressing Them for Months To Do Just That.

Biden's energy czar urges BP, Chevron to 'take stock of the science' after companies announce oil and gas investments

March 8, 2023

It's the End of the World as They Know It—and They Feel Fine

REVIEW: 'The Revolt Against Humanity: Imagining a Future Without Us'

March 5, 2023

READY TO LEAD: Kamala Harris Finds Her Passion

Discussing climate change with Gloria Estefan at the Aspen 'Ideas' festival in Miami Beach

March 3, 2023

Your iPhone Is Charging Slowly Because Apple Wants To Fight Climate Change

Apple automatically turns on feature to reduce users' 'carbon footprint'

February 27, 2023

John Kerry's Taxpayer-Funded Fight Against the 'Climate Crisis' Takes Him to Five-Star Island Resort

Biden's jet-setting climate czar has flown hundreds of thousands of miles to 'confront' climate change since taking office

February 16, 2023