Michael Bloomberg

Stacey Abrams Kisses the Ring

Will host billionaire patron Michael Bloomberg at invite-only summit in Atlanta

Stacey Abrams, the self-proclaimed governor of Georgia and frontrunner for the Democratic Party's vice presidential nomination in 2020, continues to court the billionaires who have funded her political career.

Bloomberg Refuses to Release Accusers From NDAs

Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign will not comment on his company's refusal to release women who would like to speak out on the work environment at Bloomberg L.P. from strict nondisclosure agreements, according to ABC News.

Bloomberg Pooh-Poohs Concerns From Employees

'You just have to learn to live with some things'

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg dismissed concerns from his own employees about Bloomberg News's new editorial policy forbidding staff journalists from investigating him and other 2020 Democratic candidates.

Bloomberg Pivots to Attacking NRA When Asked About Stop-and-Frisk

2020 hopeful follows pattern of liberals pivoting to gun control in tight spots

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Friday called for taking on the National Rifle Association when pressed on his prior support for stop-and-frisk, continuing a pattern of liberals invoking gun control when in a tight spot.