‘Black Men for Bernie’ Member Vows Clinton Won’t Win Presidency

July 12, 2016

"Black Men for Bernie" member Gary Frazier vowed Tuesday that Hillary Clinton would not win the presidency, saying he and his group would never return to the "corruption of the Democratic Party."

Asked if he would support Hillary Clinton if Bernie Sanders endorses her for president on Tuesday as expected, Frazier replied "absolutely not."

"Because we know through the process that we understand clearly that neither one of them got the magic number for either one of them to be named the presumptive nominee, and so we know that any process of that by by Senator Sanders means a forfeiture of his delegates," Frazier said. "We don’t see that happening today."

CNN host Ana Cabrera pushed Frazier, asking if Sanders fully withdrawing from the race would give him the finality necessary to back Clinton.

"There is absolutely nothing in the world that would make me vote for Hillary Clinton or any one of the major organizations who are organizing across this country," Frazier said. "There’s nothing that we will do to get behind Hillary Clinton. In fact, what we will do is ensure that she will not win this presidency."

Clinton backer Tracy Sefl said she respected Sanders supporters’ decisions, but she stressed it was significant to unify against Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Cabrera read out a list put out by the Trump campaign of the top reasons Sanders supporters would not get excited about Clinton, citing her Wall Street connections, support for free trade agreements, and being part of the so-called "establishment."

"Is this the root of your angst, Gary?" Cabrera asked.

"That’s mainly what it is," Frazier said.

He added, however, that he "definitely" would not support Trump.

"We would explore options for a third-party candidate," he said. "Look, we’re not coming back to the Democratic Party. You cannot expose us to the corruption of the Democratic Party and then ask us to get back in line with that same corruption. It’s just not going to happen."