Brutal CBS Segment Spotlights ‘Uneasy Alliance’ Between Sanders and Clinton

• July 12, 2016 9:37 am


CBS This Morning ran a brutal segment Tuesday spotlighting the new "uneasy alliance" between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), running clips of their bitter rhetoric against each other during the Democratic primary.

Sanders is appearing alongside Clinton in New Hampshire on Tuesday and is expected to endorse her, but it comes with a price. After their contentious primary battle resulted in a far more difficult victory for Clinton in June than she expected, Sanders did not bow out of the race, vowing to fight for a more progressive party platform for the Democrats.

"This joint appearance is the result of weeks of discussions and negotiations in what is still a pretty uneasy alliance," CBS reporter Nancy Cordes said.

Cordes reported Sanders would congratulate Clinton but would also thank his own supporters for granting him the leverage to "push her and the party to the left."

"Sanders held out, and it worked, forcing Clinton to change a couple of key proposals to look more like his," Cordes said.

Sanders claimed victory over the weekend after Democrats rolled out what he described as their most progressive platform ever, including vows to fight for a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free public colleges for almost all Americans.

Initially, Clinton said such a plan for education "doesn't add up" and supported a $12 minimum wage, saying a $15 wage would be a job killer.

"Clinton beat Sanders decisively, but she and the party need his supporters and their enthusiasms," Cordes said. "Still, her leftward shift comes at a point in the campaign when most nominees would be moving to the center."

Cordes reminded viewers the primary got more personal than expected, which included Sanders calling her not qualified for office and Clinton accusing him of running an "artful smear" campaign.

Although Sanders said he would support Clinton since officially losing out on the nomination last month, he has appeared more enthusiastic about defeating Republican Donald Trump than forming an alliance with her.

The location of their rally is a reminder of the drubbing Sanders delivered to Clinton in New Hampshire in February, winning by 22 points.

The Washington Free Beacon released a montage on Tuesday of some of Sanders’ harshest words against Clinton over the past year.