60 Percent of Police Drones Are Chinese Made

Report warns that data from U.S. drones could end up in Beijing's hands

Chinese manufacturers produced more than three in five drones used by local and state law enforcement, potentially exposing sensitive geographic and personal data to the Chinese government.

Congress Probes U.S. Reliance on Chinese Spy Drones

Communist Party using technology to conduct espionage operations in the U.S.

Republican lawmakers launched a probe into U.S. reliance on Chinese-made drones, which have become standard in many state and local law enforcement agencies and are used as espionage tools by the Communist regime.

Finally, An Obama Legacy Worth Celebrating

Hellfire R9X 'ninja' missile might be the Dem's most lasting achievement

Another terrorist died in Syria this month on President Donald J. Trump's order. Khaled al-Aruri, a journeyman jihadist and de facto leader of a local al Qaeda affiliate, was killed in a U.S. special operations drone strike on June 14.

New Legislation Would Block U.S. Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones

Bill comes amid growing concerns about Beijing’s spy operations

New legislation introduced in Congress on Thursday would block federal funds from being used to purchase Chinese-made drones amid growing concerns this technology could allow Beijing to engage in espionage operations, according to a copy of the measure obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.