2016 Man of the Year: Billy Bush

Billy Bush
Billy Bush / AP

When the 2016 campaign kicked off, no one thought that the most significant Bush in this election would be Billy Bush: No politician nor media member had more impact on 2016 than Billy and that is why he is a 2016 Free Beacon Man of the Year.

The former Today Show host entered the political scene when an old 2005 "Access Hollywood" video emerged showing Billy Bush and Donald Trump making lewd and sexually aggressive remarks about women. The video became widely known for Trump’s line about grabbing women by the pussy.

In the video, Bush encourages and laughs at the comments. Despite the lewd and inappropriate content of the video, it emerged as a positive for Trump’s campaign. Trump was sorrowful and apologized for the comments, a rare thing for Mr. Trump to do on the campaign trail. This act of remorse gave voters the reassurance they needed to know that Trump was indeed a real human being capable of feelings (unlike his opponent).

After the video was released, Bush left the Today Show to pursue new opportunities.

Billy Bush not only helped Donald Trump become President of the United States this year, he also helped fellow Free Beacon Man of the Year Ryan Lochte. After Lochte was robbed and assaulted by Brazilian criminals, Bush was the first to interview him and share his story with the world.

Congratulations to Billy Bush for being a 2016 Free Beacon Man of the Year—the first member of the Bush family to achieve this accomplishment.

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