2016 Man of the Year: Castro's Death Jeep

Castro death jeep
Soldiers push the jeep and trailer carrying the ashes of the late Fidel Castro after the jeep briefly stopped working during Castro's funeral procession near Moncada Fort in Santiago, Cuba / AP
December 31, 2016

People around the world rejoiced and celebrated in November as news spread that Cuba’s former dictator Fidel Castro had died at age 90.

However, many American journalists hailed Castro as a "fiery apostle," a "spiritual beacon," a model "of wit and clarity," and someone defined by "huge personal charm and charisma, and his political genius," the Washington Free Beacon previously reported.

While the media will most likely gloss over Castro’s atrocities in Cuba and reflect on his life in a positive light, it is important that people around the world know the truth and learn about the real hero of 2016: Castro’s death jeep.

"Hundreds of thousands of people lined the route, with some traveling long distances and many hours for a glimpse of the modest convoy and the small, flag-draped wooden box containing Mr. Castro’s ashes, which sat in a glass case on a trailer hitched to a military jeep," The New York Times reported.

On the eighth day of Cuba bidding their goodbyes to Castro, the military jeep that was carrying Castro’s ashes broke down. As a result, Cuban soldiers had no choice but to push the jeep down the road near Moncada Fort in Santiago, Cuba as mourners lined the streets on both sides to take pictures of the jeep as it passed.

The jeep's failure was particularly poignant, as a Fox News report helps illustrate.

"While his legacy inspires fierce adulation by many of the nation's citizens, others continue to grumble about Cuba's autocratic government, inefficient bureaucracy and stagnant economy."

For helping demonstrate the fundamental absurdity of Castro's Cuba in the most amusingly ironic way possible, the Washington Free Beacon is pleased to name Castro's Death Jeep a man of the year.

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