2014 Man of the Year: Richard Sherman

December 29, 2014

UPDATE Friday Jan. 9, 2015: Richard Sherman has been removed as a Free Beacon Man of the Year for his involvement in an Obamacare video.

Richard Sherman talked a bigger game than anybody last year, and he backed it up by winning himself a Super Bowl ring.

After beating the rival San Francisco 49ers, Sherman delivered an epic post-game rant.

The rant will certainly go down as among the best tantrums ever performed on the gridiron, and it won't be the last the world hears from Sherman.

This year, Sherman has the Seahawks back to their winning ways and the defense is leading the way. Over the eight-game span leading up to week 17, Seattle has let up an average of just 12.6 points and 233.3 yards per game.

Sherman is still on top of his trash-talk game as well. Before romping the Arizona Cardinals 35-6, he told reporters that if he allowed as many touchdowns as star corner Patrick Peterson that he would get benched.


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