Fans of Free Beacon Man of the Year Troll CNN With 'I Love Boobs' Prank

January 1, 2018

CNN was the victim of a prank on New Year's Eve, courtesy of fans of 2017 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year Clay Travis.

Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon anchored the network's New Year's Eve coverage in New Orleans, Lousiana, when a couple stole the show with a marriage proposal. Little did CNN know that Dustin Smith was already married to his wife, Marissa.

The couple's time on television was not about the "proposal," but rather what Marissa had to say right after.

"I love boobs! B-double o-b-s!" she yelled into Baldwin's microphone.

"Outkick, baby!" Dustin yelled, referring to Travis' website.

The reason for this was a challenge posted by Travis, where he asked his fans to go to the bar in New Orleans where Baldwin and Lemon were broadcasting from and to yell their affinity for "boobs" for money.

Travis said that he would pay $10,000 to a fan of his Outkick the Coverage website if they had fun at CNN's expense and $20,000 if it was a woman.

Why CNN and why with Baldwin there? In September, while Travis was being interviewed by Baldwin, he stated that the only two things he believes completely in are "the First Amendment and boobs."

Baldwin was stunned by Travis' comments and he was banned from appearing on the network. Travis, whose reporting and criticism of ESPN in 2017 garnered widespread attention, has trained his fire on CNN ever since for what he considered hypocritical posturing on Baldwin's part.

When Travis' challenge was met on Sunday night, he was jubilant.

Travis also noted the fake "proposal" was promoted as real on CNN. As of Monday evening, the video of it was still on, with the caption that Lemon and Baldwin "help a couple get engaged in New Orleans.

Now, Travis is expanding his offer for saying "boobs" on CNN and has an offer for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.

"Further, let’s make 2018 the year of boobs on CNN. For every Outkick crew member who gets on CNN and says you love boobs, I give you $1k," Travis wrote. "If you get on and say you love boobs on Baldwin’s show, I give you $2k. And if Donald Trump goes on CNN and says he loves boobs then I promise to raise $10 million for his reelection campaign."