No One Batted an Eyelash at These CNN Banners

July 16, 2020

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter was horrified at a chyron from right-wing Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs Wednesday night that read, "Left's War on America."

"No one even bats an eyelash anymore" when Fox puts up such a banner, Stelter sighed on Twitter.

Stelter may protest too much. While Dobbs is an unabashedly pro-Trump primetime opinion host, here are some snarky, sarcastic, inflammatory, partisan chyrons during the Trump administration on CNN news programs, including Stelter's.

Blatant Editorializing


Breaking News

Just asking questions

Attempted gotchas

Sober media coverage

Medical assessments

Toughness on Democrats

Ice Cream Coverage

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck was a source for several of these, along with other Twitter users.

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