Brian Stelter

ANALYSIS: CNN More Interested in ‘Sharknado’ Actress Than Joe Biden Sexual Assault Accuser

Tara Reid vs. Tara Reade

More than a month after Tara Reade publicly accused her former boss, then-senator Joe Biden, of sexually assaulting her in 1993, CNN has published just two news reports on the allegations. By comparison, the network has published more than 10 times as many news items on Tara Reid, the C-list actress best known for her role in the Sharknado franchise.

REVIEW: TV Pundit Home Studios

Most television pundits are working from home due to the China-caused coronavirus pandemic, which means they've been giving viewers a rare glimpse into their places of residence. The Washington Free Beacon's commitment to holding the mainstream media accountable compels us to render a verdict on these makeshift home studios in the form of the following awards.

Dan Rather: CNN’s ‘Reliable Source’

Dan Rather, the former CBS Evening News host forced out in 2005 following one of the most infamous journalistic failures this century, is nevertheless a frequent guest on the CNN media show Reliable Sources.

Deval Patrick Refuses to Disavow Super PAC Support

Sunday show round-up

This week on the Sunday news shows: Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick refuses to disavow super PAC support for his campaign, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise defends President Donald Trump's decision to pardon military service members, and CNN's Brian Stelter said “truth still matters” before introducing the former news anchor that impugned George W. Bush's military service record.