Anti-Israel Mob Hunts Jews in Russia. US Media Go With These Headlines

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October 30, 2023

As a pro-Palestinian mob rampaged through an airport in Dagestan, Russia, on Sunday in search of Jews, U.S. news headlines made the attempted pogrom sound like a rowdy political protest.

It was the media's latest failure to frankly report on an international surge of anti-Semitism in response to Israel's war of self-defense against Hamas.

Washington Post: "Protesters Storm Russian Airport To Try To Block Plane From Tel Aviv"

New York Times: "Mob Storms Plane Arriving in Russia From Tel Aviv, Authorities Say"

Associated Press: "Crowd Storms Russian Airport To Protest Flight From Israel"

CNN: "At Least 10 Injured as Crowd Storms Russian Airport After Flight Arrives From Tel Aviv, Officials Say."

Reuters: "Police Take Control of Russia's Dagestan Airport After Anti-Israeli Protests."

Amid backlash, some of the outlets improved their headlines overnight to at least allude to the mob's targeting of Jews.

But the media had enough information to get it right the first time. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN cited already-circulating social media footage that clearly showed the mob was hunting Jews.

A number of foreign outlets managed to mention Jews in their initial headlines.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday that hundreds of locals gathered at the airport in Dagestan, an overwhelmingly Muslim Russian republic, to attack Jews arriving on a flight from Israel:

According to N12, the pilots were warned of the mob and rerouted the plane to land at a nearby airport. The rioters reached that one as well. The flight staff ordered the locking of all aircraft exits, while security forces closed the area off. Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsia said all aircraft were diverted to other airports. A security source said that a small number of Israelis and Jews were secured in the airport, and were set to be evacuated to Moscow "at the earliest convenience."

More than 20 people were reportedly injured, including nine police officers, and 60 were arrested.

Flashback: The widespread soft-pedaling of news about the riot came days after similar coverage of an anti-Semitic protest at Cooper Union College in New York City, during which activists tried to force their way into a locked library where Jewish students were hiding from them.

New York Times: "Israel-Hamas War Protest Leads to Tense Scene at Cooper Union Library"

CBS News: "Pro-Palestinian Rally at Cooper Union Leads to Tense Moments at School Library"

Daily Beast: "Cooper Union Pro-Israel Students Locked in Library During Tense Protest"

By contrast, earlier this month, news outlets rushed to accuse the Jewish state of a massacre of Palestinians at a Gaza hospital. The deaths were actually the fault of Islamist terrorists.

Flash forward: Even well into Monday morning, the New York Times—which has employed open anti-Semites to cover the Israel-Hamas war—was apparently unsure what the Dagestan mob was after.

Just before 5 p.m., the newspaper of record updated its follow-up story to report the actual news.

New York Times: "Riot Over Plane From Israel Alarms Jews and Draws Condemnation: A mob in the Russian republic of Dagestan stormed runways looking for a flight carrying Jewish passengers. The episode highlighted the threat of ethnic strife in Russia."