Wall Street Analyst Fired After Video Captured Anti-Semitic Insults

Kurush Mistry (Twitter)
November 15, 2023

A Wall Street analyst was fired from his job last week after a video emerged of him hurling anti-Semitic insults at a Jewish man while covering up posters of Israeli civilians Hamas took hostage.

Journalist Andy Ngo posted a video Friday in which a man identified as Kurush Mistry covered up posters of Israelis whom Hamas had taken hostage in its Oct. 7 attacks. Mistry told the man filming him, who identified himself as an American Jew, to "go back to your country." Mistry's employer, Freepoint Commodities, a trading firm based in Stamford, Conn., terminated his employment the next day.

"Freepoint is committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect and tolerance," the company said in a statement.  "We welcome the diversity of views and opinions held by our employees, but Freepoint does not tolerate discrimination and hate speech directed against any group. We are aware of the recent anti-Semitic incident reported on social media, and the individual involved is no longer associated with Freepoint."

In the video, Mistry can be seen covering up the posters of the hostages with signs that say, "Israel is an apartheid state and commits genocide" and "Occupiers face consequences." After the man recording Mistry confronts him and asks his name, Mistry makes an obscene gesture to the camera.

"Go live in Israel. Go, go back to your country," he says. Also present was a woman, whom Ngo identified as Mistry's wife, Shailja Gupta, who likewise told the man confronting the couple to go back to his country.

The Jewish man then tells the couple that he is an American, after which Mistry repeated his call for the man to return to his place of origin and Gupta said that she is "also a f—ing American."

"You also want my country not to exist, so where should I go?" the man says.

Gupta says that the man recording does not "want my country to exist." The man asks what country, and she replies, "Palestine." When the man says he does not "know that country," Gupta tells him that it is "your f—ing problem; you are an uneducated p—k."

Gupta later says that Israelis have "always been the rapists."

Anti-Semitic incidents have risen in America since Hamas's attack on Israel, in which the terrorist group killed about 1,200 people. Such incidents are up about 400 percent in the United States since the beginning of the war, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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