Report: Iranian Missile Strikes Israeli Ship

The Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray / Getty Images
March 25, 2021

An Israeli-owned cargo ship was reportedly struck by an Iranian missile on Thursday in the Arabian Sea, the latest escalation in an increasingly violent tit for tat between the nations.

According to multiple regional reports on the still-developing story, the ship was traveling from Tanzania to India when the missile, believed to be Iranian in origin, struck. There were no reported injuries. The ship is said to have sustained only minor damage and is continuing its way to India.

Iran and Israel have been locked in a deadly back-and-forth naval battle for some time, with Israel reportedly having destroyed several dozen Iranian oil tankers in recent years, costing Tehran billions at a time when the hardline government is already strapped for cash. Both the Wall Street Journal and Haaretz, an Israeli daily, reported this month that Israel's strikes were aimed at stopping Iran from transporting oil and fuel to Syria, as well as interfering with Tehran's illicit oil trade.

Iran's Thursday attack appears to be a reprisal for Israel's attacks on the country's oil ships.