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'Addicted to Funding From China': Stanford Rakes in Chinese Cash

Stanford University has taken more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021

April 24, 2023

United States Fails to Stop Chinese Invasion of Taiwan in Congressional War Simulation

'Arm Taiwan to the teeth': Lawmakers call for increased military assistance to Taiwan

April 21, 2023

‘Terrorist Safe Haven’: Afghanistan-Based Terror Groups Capable of Attack on U.S., Experts Say

Former officials tell Congress Al Qaeda and ISIS have rebuilt under Taliban rule

April 18, 2023

Iranian Attacks on U.S. and Its Allies Hit Record Highs

Drone strikes, ballistic missiles, and rocket launches show country's military is stronger than ever

April 13, 2023

Why the TikTok Ban May Never Come

Chinese app buoyed by high-priced lobbying campaign, congressional infighting, and a renewed embrace by the White House

April 11, 2023

Chase CEO: Biden's Electric Vehicle Push Could Benefit Beijing and Imperil US National Security

'We cannot cede these important resources and capabilities to another country,' Jamie Dimon says in shareholder letter

April 4, 2023

'Once In A Generation Crisis': Vets Blame Biden's Focus on Woke Priorities for Low Military Recruitment Numbers

Biden's Pentagon has pumped around $114 million into diversity, equity, and inclusion programs

March 28, 2023

TikTok CEO Won't Say Whether Company Could Be Forced To Give Data to China

Chinese law mandates companies to cooperate with its intelligence agencies

March 24, 2023