Iranian Regime Booster Charged With Lobbying for Tehran

Iran flagThe Department of Justice charged a political scientist and frequent contributor to left-leaning foreign policy publications and mainstream newspapers with acting as an unregistered agent for Iran, according to an announcement from federal prosecutors.

Trump Admin Issues Last-Minute Sanctions on Iran, China, Cuba

The Trump administration on Friday continued its last-minute push to apply new sanctions on the adversarial regimes in Iran, China, and Cuba, solidifying a pressure campaign that will give the incoming Biden administration a range of options for dealing with the ongoing threats posed by these nations.

Iran Warns ‘Hands on Trigger’ Amid Renewed Terror Threat

Iranian flagA senior Iranian military official warned on Wednesday that the country is ready for a military confrontation, comments issued just days after air traffic controllers in New York intercepted a message claiming a plane would be flown into the U.S. Capitol building as part of retribution for the killing of a top Iranian military leader.