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Congress Presses Europe To Designate Iran's Military as a Terror Group

'IRGC clearly presents a threat to the EU and our collective security,' Republican senators say

March 23, 2023

Israel Could Strike Iran in Three Months, Retired Israeli General Says

Biden's failure to present a credible military response to Iran’s nuclear program has left Israel with limited options, ex-general says

March 21, 2023

Iran Cashed in During Biden's First Year in Office

Cash infusion helped Iran arm Taliban, foment terror on five continents, State Department report says

March 15, 2023

Congress Calls for Sanctions on Iran's Parliament

Iran's parliament provides legal framework for Tehran’s security forces to murder, torture, and imprison dissidents, lawmakers say

March 1, 2023

Iranian Warships Dock in Brazil

Ships are 'dangerous development and a direct threat to the safety and security of Americans,' Cruz says

February 28, 2023

Biden Waives Sanctions on Iran's Chief Propaganda Arm

State-run outlet helping regime censor, distort massive protest movement

February 22, 2023