Dem Candidate Cisneros Invested in Oil Sector Despite Campaigning Against It

Gil Cisneros, a Democrat running in California’s toss-up 39th Congressional District, has investments in more than 30 companies in the oil and gas sectors through his personal foundation, including one company that paid the U.S. government millions in settlements after bribing officials at an Uzbek state-controlled oil firm, according to a review of his foundation’s tax forms. In spite of this, Cisneros has been campaigning against the industry as part of his plan to defend the environment and combat climate change.

ISIS Launches Counterattack After Syrian Regime Regains Control of Aleppo


Aleppo, Syria’s largest and wealthiest city fell back under the control of the Syrian regime Tuesday amid reports that the Syrian soldiers murdered as many as 82 civilians during Tuesday’s clearing of buildings in east Aleppo. Meanwhile, in a dramatic setback to the Syrian regime, the Islamic State terrorist group recaptured the oil field in central Syria and the city of Palmyra on Sunday.