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Activists Want Energy Companies To Pay Climate Damages. That Could Imperil US National Security, Former Joint Chiefs Say.

Oil and gas 'critical to national security, economic stability and military preparedness'

April 8, 2024

Illicit Iranian Oil Sales Hit $90 Billion Under Biden, Fueling Tehran’s Terror Proxies

Exports to China, Venezuela soar as Iran-backed terror forces target Western cargo ships

March 4, 2024

Biden Admin Cited 'Indigenous Knowledge' as Reason To Block Oil and Gas Leases

Watchdog files scientific integrity complaint after admin prioritizes 'subjective beliefs' over 'evidence'

February 19, 2024

Fuel for a Conspiracy

REVIEW: ‘The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius, Power, and Deception on the Eve of World War I’

January 7, 2024

With Iran's Oil Trade Booming, Republican Senator Pushes Effort to Seize Tankers

Iran oil proceeds topped $80 billion under lax sanctions enforcement

November 1, 2023
An Iranian-flagged oil tanker

Iran Has Made $80 Billion in Illicit Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office

Biden administration’s Iran policies under renewed scrutiny in light of Hamas’s weekend attack

October 10, 2023