Iran Gives Approval for Hezbollah To Escalate Attacks on Israel: Report

Lebanese sympathisers of the Shiite Hezbollah party wave Lebanese national and party (yellow) flags in a southern suburb of Beirut / Getty Images
February 28, 2024

Iran reportedly gave Hezbollah the green light to escalate its attacks on Israel.

The Islamic Republic told the terror group that it could launch more attacks if it was certain that the Jewish state would attack southern Lebanon, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing the Arabic Post.

The Arabic Post reported that sources in Iran said that Esmail Qaani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps's Quds Force, visited Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The head of the Lebanon-based terror group expressed certainty that the Jewish state would launch an imminent attack, likely during the month of Ramadan, which begins March 10.

Although he approved more attacks on Israel, Qaani also told Nasrallah that Iran disapproved of an attack earlier in the month in which Hezbollah launched rockets at the northern Israeli town of Safed, which killed 1 member of the IDF and wounded 10 others, according to the Arabic Post. One rocket landed near a hospital but did not explode.

The report comes days after Israel conducted airstrikes in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. The deepest strikes since the Jewish state and the terror group began hostilities in October, they occurred after Hezbollah downed an Israeli drone.