Wolf Blitzer Opens Pickle Jar That Pops on Jimmy Kimmel After Clinton’s Didn’t

• August 30, 2016 1:42 pm


CNN host Wolf Blitzer opened a pickle jar Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live that made the signature popping noise when he unsealed it, unlike the jar opened by Hillary Clinton on the same show a week earlier.

During their interview, Kimmel said he never imagined Clinton’s pickle stunt would have caused the uproar it did. The jar-opening came about due to questions from Donald Trump’s campaign about Clinton’s health, so Kimmel gave her a chance to show her physicality.

The Washington Free Beacon, in a special report last week, showed through science that Clinton’s pickle jar was tampered with before she "opened" it. Dr. Richard Harambe, in an exclusive interview, demonstrated to the Free Beacon the noise that should have occurred had Clinton opened a truly sealed jar.

Kimmel did several bits about the public response to Clinton’s jar-opening, including joking about those who suspected that Clinton’s feat of strength was actually a fake.

Blitzer was given a chance to do the feat as well, and the jar did indeed pop when the CNN newsman opened it.

"I heard a pop," he said.

"There was a pop," Kimmel agreed.

Discussing the segment on Blitzer’s afternoon show Tuesday on CNN, panelists Dana Bash and Gloria Borger agreed the pop was loud and complimented him on his strength.

"The audience could hear it. I heard the pop. It was clearly audible," Blitzer said.

Borger invited Blitzer over to her house to open those jars for her any time.