Whistleblowers Beware: Biden Crime Family Has Canine Enforcer

Reports of dog violence come amid White House effort to discourage reporting on Hunter's scandals

July 25, 2023

What happened: President Joe Biden's dog, a young German shepherd named Commander, went on a violent rampage in late 2022.

• Commander bit seven people between September 2022 and January 2023, including a Secret Service agent whose injuries required treatment at a local hospital, according to emails obtained by Judicial Watch.

• The Bidens, sometimes referred to as "the Biden crime family," brought Commander to the White House in 2021 after their other German shepherd, Major, was evicted for repeatedly attacking staff members and pooping on the floor.

• It's safe to assume Commander has attacked far more than seven people since arriving at the White House, as the records obtained by Judicial Watch cover just 4 of the nearly 20 months the dog has lived with the Bidens.

Why it matters: This is a story that would have come to light much sooner if a Republican were president. It makes you wonder about the other, more serious scandals the White House press corps is choosing to ignore.

• Consider the timing. News of these dog attacks arrives amid a White House campaign to intimidate the whistleblowers who have only just begun to reveal the ugly truth about the Biden family's shady business practices.

• Crime families and other criminal enterprises often use aggressively violent canines to secure their homes and terrorize their enemies.

What they're saying: "My leg and arm still hurts. He bit me twice and ran at me twice," wrote the Secret Service agent whom Commander attacked and sent to the hospital with multiple bite wounds.

• "What a joke," a Secret Service colleague responded via email. "If it wasn't their dog he would already have been put down—freaking clown needs a muzzle."

Bottom line: Biden, 80, is unwilling or unable to impose order in his family household. He can't be trusted to lead an entire country.