Biden’s Dog Commander Sent Secret Service Agent to Hospital During Unreported Biting Spree

July 25, 2023

The Biden family dog, Commander, who moved into the White House in late 2021 after previous dog Major was kicked out for biting people and defecating on the property, had his own previously unreported biting streak.

Commander, a two-year-old German Shepard, bit seven people in four months, according to Secret Service communications reviewed by the New York Post. One Secret Service agent was sent to a local hospital for treatment after a bite to the arm and thigh.

Commander's attacks came after he was sent to live with family friends in 2021 because of his violent behavior in the White House.

Following Major's departure, reports revealed his behavior was worse than originally acknowledged by the White House. During a stretch in March 2021, Major bit agents eight days in a row while only one incident was publicly acknowledged.

Major's attacks on agents began just one month into the Biden presidency, when emails showed agents reported in February 2021 being "nipped/ brushed up and nudged" by the dog.

The White House did not respond to the Post regarding its lack of transparency surrounding Commander's violent attacks.

Agents emailed each other that if the dog didn't belong to the Biden family, it would have been "put down," the Post reported:

Two days after the incident, the attacked agent, whose doctor placed them on restricted duty for three days after their visit to the hospital, emailed to a colleague who asked about their recovery: "My leg and arm still hurts. He bit me twice and ran at me twice."

The fellow Secret Service member wrote back: "What a joke… if it wasn’t their dog he would already have been put down – freaking clown needs a muzzle."