Free Beacon Bill McMorris

Bill McMorris is senior editor for the Washington Free Beacon. He joins the Beacon from the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, where he was managing editor of Old Dominion Watchdog. He was a 2010 Robert Novak Fellow with the Phillips Foundation, where he studied state pension shortfalls. His work has been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Economist, Colbert Report, and numerous print publications and radio stations. He lives in Alexandria, Va, with his wife and three daughters. His Twitter handle is @FBillMcMorris. His email address is

Dutch Euthanasia Case Ignites Assisted Suicide Debate

Doctor acquitted after drugging and euthanizing dementia patient

September 14, 2019

CAP Scraps ThinkProgress Relaunch After Firing Union Staffers

Center for American Progress accused of union busting

September 10, 2019

Union Pledged ‘Bloody’ Contract Fight Before Alleged Sabotage

Tech told investigators he sabotaged plane because he was upset with negotiations

September 9, 2019
Sen. Bernie Sanders

Pro-BDS Union Backs Bernie

Sanders 'humbled' by endorsement

August 27, 2019
Gina Raimondo

Dem Gov Faces Ethics Investigation

Raimondo steered no-bid contract to DGA treasurer's company

August 21, 2019

Internet Heavyweights Battle Over Blogger Unions

Barstool founder to AOC: Welcome to thunder dome. Debate me

August 13, 2019

Supremes Decline Anti-Dismemberment Law

Thomas: ‘Our abortion jurisprudence has spiraled out of control’

June 28, 2019

Majority Rejects Dem Abortion Extremism

New poll finds Biden could lose support over taxpayer abortion funding flip-flop

June 26, 2019

GoFundMe Raises Money for Abortion Groups

Fundraising tech giant launches $500,000 charity benefit for abortion providers and their dark money political operations

June 26, 2019

Teachers in the Dark

Majority of teachers don’t know about union opt-out rights

June 24, 2019