Bill McMorris

Advocate For VW Union Known For Smear Tactics

Political operative previously forced to apologize for 'over-the-top' mudslinging campaign

The man behind a pro-union attack campaign on Volkswagen is a "hardball player," according to the attorney who settled a libel suit against him for a previous smear campaign.

Religious Hospitals Need Not Apply

University behind fetal tissue research cut ties with Catholic hospitals over religious beliefs, practices

UCSF Medical CenterThe University of California at San Francisco cancelled an expanded partnership with Catholic hospitals just weeks before losing government funding for its aborted baby body part research.

Dem Activist: Follow John Bel Edwards, Not NARAL

Louisiana Gov. to sign pro-life bill as his partymates embrace unlimited abortion

Gov. John Bel EdwardsPro-life Democrats see a clear path to victory for the party in 2020 and beyond if they follow the example of Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards, rather than the lawmakers pushing unlimited abortions.

Mom Accuses Union of Forging Signature to Deduct Money From Disabled Daughter’s Checks

Trump administration working to end forced dues schemes for home health aides

cash moneyA union allegedly forged a single mother's signature to deduct money that helps her care for her disabled daughter, according to a lawsuit. Maria Quezambra of California filed a federal lawsuit seeking to recover dues that she says United Domestic Workers Local 3930 (UDW) improperly took from the money that helps her take care of her daughter. She accused the union of misleading her about dues requirements, rebuffing her attempts to recover money, and trespassing on her property.