McCain Blasts Navy Algae Standard


McCAIN: Mr. Chairman, last year the Navy entered in — in 2009, they paid $424 a gallon for 20,000 gallons of biodiesel made from algae — set a world record at the time of cost for fuel. And according to the plan now, we will need — the Navy will need 330 million gallons per year of alternative fuels to meet the secretary's stated goal of having 50 percent of the Navy's energy needssupplied from alternative sources by 2020 with no – at no price or cost there.

I don't believe it's the job of the Navy to be involved in building and involved in new technologies. Maybe this will be a Solyndra situation. I don't believe that it's the job of the United States Navy to do that. I believe it's the Energy Department who should be doing that, and obviously I will seek to act on amendments on the floor to try to prevent this kind of waste of the taxpayers' dollars, where they've paid $424 a gallon for algae fuels. I don't think we can afford it.