Generational Wealth: Lincoln Project Hires Cofounder's Son

Rick Wilson's nepo baby is corporate consultant for daddy's super PAC

August 2, 2023

What happened: The Lincoln Project, the disgraced Democratic super PAC best known for harboring a serial sex pest, has stopped pretending to be anything other than a vehicle for "generational wealth."

• Of the $3.5 million the super PAC spent in the first half of 2023, only $100,000 went toward political advertising, Politico reports. Most of the funds were funneled to companies owned by Lincoln Project founders and affiliates.

• The super PAC hired Andrew Wilson, son of cofounder Rick Wilson, as an independent contractor. He collects almost $4,000 a month for "corporate campaign management."

Why it matters: Steve Schmidt, the disgraced Lincoln Project cofounder best known for being banned from John McCain's funeral, repeatedly expressed his desire to turn the super PAC into a vehicle for "generational wealth."

• This isn't the first time the Lincoln Project has hired the son of a senior executive.

Crucial context: Like his daddy, Andrew Wilson is excruciatingly bald.

Bottom line: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) is wrong about almost everything, but she is right about the Lincoln Project. Following the 2020 election, she said the super PAC was in "scam territory" after raising almost $100 million and going 0-7 in key U.S. Senate races.

Go deeper: Your wife is begging Rick Wilson to come over.