GM Halts Volt Production, Blames Media


General Motors will halt production of its battery-powered Chevrolet Volt for five weeks, resulting in temporary layoffs for roughly 1,300 GM workers, the company announced Friday.

The production-halt is yet another stumble for the beleaguered Volt—which has been promoted by the Obama administration, despite safety flaws and its high price tag. President Obama vowed he would buy a volt after his presidency, but he might not get to fulfill that promise.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

GM executives said the extensive media attention that accompanied the investigation also hampered sales.

The auto maker has scaled back expectations for the Volt after it fell short of its target for 2011. GM sold about 7,700 Volts last year, below its target of 10,000.

GM initially set a goal of selling 45,000 in the U.S. this year but in recent months executives have said they would closely monitor demand and produce only as much as it can sell. Vice Chairman Stephen Girsky earlier this year said the company will know by June whether the Volt "has legs" in the market.