Michigan Dem Profits Off of Outsourcing

Senate candidate Gary Peters invested in company repatriating dollars to Ireland
Gary Peters

Michigan Democrat Gary Peters is profiting off of offshore tax havens even as he decries outsourcing.

Unions Ending Forced-Dues Collection of Home Healthcare Workers

Following Supreme Court ruling, SEIU local in Washington state stops deducting dues from non-members
SEIU logo

The Supreme Court ruling that freed home healthcare workers from coercive unionization in Illinois has led to unions ceasing automatic deduction of union dues from non-members in other states.

Critics Demand Dems Live on Wage Paid to Interns: Nothing

Democrats call for wage hikes while their interns work for free
Interns with Rep. Dina Titus (D., Nev.) / AP

Congressional Democrats Tim Ryan and Jan Schakowsky have pledged to live on $77 weekly budget as part of “Live the Wage” channel designed to draw attention to the minimum wage. However, critics say that if the Democrats really wanted to understand the plight of the common man, they should live on the wage their interns are paid: $0 per week.

American Federation of Communists

Pro-communist literature handed out at AFT conference
Chinese protestors touting pictures of Mao Zedong / AP

Communist pamphleteers are using the American Federation of Teachers annual convention as a recruiting ground, according to a new video.

Recordings Reveal Former Labor Secretary Violated Hatch Act

Solicited donations for President Obama’s reelection campaign
Hilda Solis

A former top Obama appointee solicited donations for the president’s reelection campaign on the job, according to audio recordings released by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

UAW Campaigning Again to Unionize Tenn. VW Plant

Despite agreement to wait one year following defeat, unionization campaign appears to be underway

The UAW began campaigning to unionize a Chattanooga Volkswagen plant just five months after suffering a devastating defeat, according to a union critic who works at the plant.

The UAW announced the formation of a local voluntary union on Thursday, despite the fact that it agreed not to engage in any organization activity for at least one year after its defeat.