SEIU Begs Workers to Keep Paying Up

Union sends appeal to ‘members’ whose dues were previously forcibly held

A powerful Washington State union has abandoned defending a forced dues scheme and shifted its tactics to appealing to home health workers to remain in the union.

Peters’ Profits

Michigan Dem slammed AIG while investing heavily in bailed out firm
Gary Peters

Gary Peters profited from an investment in bailed-out AIG, a firm he criticized for its bonuses during the recession.

‘Not If, but When’

Union docs predict end to coercive unionism

The largest teachers union in California is preparing for life without forced union membership, as a lawsuit challenging coercive dues makes its way through the legal system.

The California Teachers Association circulated a presentation titled, “Not if, but when: Living in a world without Fair Share,” to union leaders and members in July. The report, which was obtained by a watchdog blogger at the Education Intelligence Agency, predicts that the end is near for automatic union membership in public schools.

Peters Looks to Lake Tahoe for Cash

Reid fundraises for Peters at swanky resort
Gary Peters

Harry Reid will provide Michigan Democrat Gary Peters a much-needed fundraising boost in Lake Tahoe over the weekend.

IRS Leaves Millions Vulnerable to Identity Theft

Agency failed to perform background checks on contractors

The IRS has put millions of taxpayers at risk of identity theft by failing to perform background checks on contractors, according to a new inspector general report.

Blown Gasket

Workers will vote on union membership years after NLRB seized secret ballots
An American flag painted by New York artist Scott LoBaido on top of Lamons Gasket Company

Employees forced into a union by the Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board in 2011 will be given a chance to decertify it next week.

Teachers Fight to End Coercive Unionization

Suit seeks to break union monopoly on public sector workers
The California Teachers Association is joined by Gov. Jerry Brown (D., Calif.) / AP

After spending nearly three decades teaching first graders, Rebecca Friedrichs is suing to opt out of the union she was forced to join in 1988.

FEATURE: The Anti-Privacy Activist

Technologist seeks congressional seat on Truman Show platform

College computer programming instructor Noah Dyer is concerned about the mass invasion of privacy perpetrated by the federal government and data-mining corporations.

SBA: Contractor Wage Hikes Will Force Layoffs

Business owners say Obama executive order leaves them few options

Small business owners affected by President Barack Obama’s executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors say that it will lead to layoffs, according to a federal agency.

Gary Peters Backed Obamacare Loopholes for Illegal Immigrants

Told voters that illegal immigrants were ineligible
Gary Peters / AP

Michigan Democrat Gary Peters assured voters that illegal immigrants would not be eligible for Obamacare, but later supported the loophole that is now allowing young illegal immigrants to enroll in the program.