Theresa Greenfield

Ernst Preaches Law and Order from Harley

Iowa GOP senator barnstorms Iowa as a 'firewall' to Democratic control in D.C.

A horde of motorcycles roared toward Carroll, Iowa, on Saturday. The sight and sound of 80 Harley-Davidsons was once the stuff of nightmares in small-town America, with lawlessness and anarchy sure to follow. But the head of this convoy was no outlaw; in fact, she was there to reassure Iowans that if they send her back to the Senate, law and order will follow.

Pro-Greenfield ‘Small Biz Owner’ Is Actually A Dem Official

Greenfield trots out longtime Iowa Dem to defend her controversial business record

Senate contender Theresa Greenfield identified a longtime Democratic activist and former elected official as merely a "small business owner" in a new ad defending the Iowa Democrat's controversial business record.