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Biden ATF Nominee Has Long History of Anti-Gun Statements

ATF hopeful David Chipman endorsed Waco conspiracy theories, unconstitutional gun regulations

April 9, 2021

Biden's Executive Actions Could Turn Millions Into Felons

White House taps gun-control activist to lead ATF

April 8, 2021

Biden to Announce Sweeping Gun-Control Restrictions

Executive orders will regulate unfinished gun parts

April 7, 2021

NRA Assistant Diverted $40K to Pay For Wedding, Personal Expenses

LaPierre assistant paid back money with interest

April 6, 2021

Republican AGs Slam New York AG, Back NRA in Bankruptcy Battle

Officials accuse New York of political persecution of gun rights group

April 1, 2021
Hunter Biden

Gun-Rights Advocates Want Feds to Look at Prosecuting Hunter Biden

Biden accused of lying about drug addiction to pass background check

April 1, 2021

NRA Board Retroactively Approves Bankruptcy Plan as Trial Approaches

Leadership calls vote 'overwhelming,' board dissenters call bankruptcy 'snipe hunt' 

March 29, 2021

Second Amendment Activists Prevail in Federal Court 

Appeals court rules against bump stock ban, sets up potential Supreme Court showdown 

March 26, 2021