In Praise of Elon Musk

Column: SpaceX, Falcon Heavy, and the human future in space

StarmanIn 2012, when the space shuttle Discovery flew above Washington, D.C., on its way to retirement at the National Air and Space Museum, a reporter asked astronaut Anna Fisher if she had any advice for a boy who wanted to travel to the stars. Sure, Fisher said. "Study Russian."

Musk’s SolarCity To Pay $29.5 Million To Settle Federal Probe

The settlement is not an admission of guilt

SolarCity, a company acquired by Tesla last fall, has agreed to pay the U.S. Treasury $29.5 million to resolve allegations that it lied to the federal government and overinflated its costs to receive higher stimulus funds than it deserved, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Labor Takes Aim at Tesla in Private Letter to CA Dems

UAW pushes lawmakers to curb green car rebates for companies that don’t 'respect workers' rights' amid face-off with Elon Musk

Labor unions are pressuring California lawmakers to curb tax breaks on electric vehicles in an effort to punish Tesla Motors for resisting a unionization campaign.

Conservatives Target Musk Tax Subsidies as ‘Low-hanging Fruit’

Green energy CEO bailing on Trump advisory committee

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's decision to quit serving as a business adviser to President Trump because of Trump's exit from the Paris climate accord is spurring additional scrutiny of the billions of dollars in tax subsidies Tesla, SolarCity, and other Musk companies have received over the last decade.

Free Market Groups: Feds Ignoring Evidence in War on Car Dealers

Electric vehicle giant Tesla beefs up lobbying muscle as FTC weighs anti-franchising measures

A coalition of free-market groups accused federal regulators on Tuesday of ignoring evidence that would undermine proposed measures governing automotive sales that stand to enrich a politically-powerful company at consumers’ expense.