Dems Warn in Multiple States: We’ll Know If You Don’t Vote, and So Will Your Neighbors

A voter casts their ballot at a polling station

Individuals in at least three states have received literature from Democratic campaigns, organizations, or state parties warning that their voter records are public information. In one of those states, residents received documents that reveal if their immediate neighbors have voted in past elections.

Wallace Campaign Uses ‘Orwellian’ Door Hangers Noting Whether Constituents Vote is Public Record

Democratic candidate Scott Wallace, who is running against incumbent Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s toss-up 1st Congressional District, is distributing door hangers in the area that oddly inform voters that “who you vote for is private, but whether or not you vote is public record” and adding that the campaign “can’t wait to see that you voted on November 6!”

Wis. Dem Gov Candidate Invested in Company Partly Responsible for Deepwater Explosion

Tony Evers, the Democratic candidate for governor in Wisconsin, is running on a renewable-energy environmental platform. But he has invested in the oil and gas sector, including in the company partly responsible for the Deepwater Horizon explosion and a petroleum distributor responsible for a pipe rupture that contaminated drinking water in the state he is now seeking to represent.

DNC Chair Used Private Jet of Donor Accused of Discriminating Against Latinos

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez flew from an immigration rally in Texas to a ritzy $100,000-per-head fundraiser in Los Angeles on the private jet of a donor accused of discriminating against Latinos in a high-profile court battle involving the eviction of undocumented immigrants.

Deleted Doc: Dem Candidate Katie Porter Backs Reparations, Far-Left Agenda

A document that was deleted from the website of a progressive group shows Democratic congressional candidate Katie Porter, who is running in California’s competitive 45th district against Republican representative Mimi Walters, would immediately back a far-left agenda and legislation if elected to Congress, including creating a commission to study reparations for slavery.