Biden Ally Involved With $60M Dark Money 2020 Strategy Center Shutters PAC

An ally of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who is part of a group that launched a “dark money” strategy center that plans to spend $60 million during the 2020 elections has shuttered a separate political action committee that was created to provide support for the former vice president, Federal Election Commission filings show. 

Biden Backers Launch $60 Million Secret Money Dem ‘Strategy Center’ for 2020

Joe Biden

A group of Democratic strategists that includes an individual who established a political action committee backing presidential candidate Joe Biden will lead a $60 million secret money “strategy center” for Democrats for the 2020 election cycle.

Future Majority, a Washington, D.C.-based strategy center that will work to “rebrand” the Democratic party, was launched with the intent of providing “strategic advice” to other liberal organizations, communications, and a “war room” to debunk “fake news” and “counter conservative social media,” Politico reports.

Warren Accepts Max Donations From CEO, Execs at Firm Repping Corporations

Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign accepted maxed out donations from a number of high-powered individuals at a law firm that represents corporations and multinational Fortune 100 companies despite swearing off money from PACs linked to such corporations, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Report: Liberal Dark Money Umbrella Facilitated $1.6 Billion in Recent Years

cash money

An intricate web of liberal dark money groups saw $1.6 billion in contributions from deep-pocketed Democratic donors flow through a network of “fiscal sponsor” organizations to be used on causes and initiatives between 2013 and 2017, according to a new report from the Capital Research Center.