Slate Calls ‘IT Chapter Two’ Racist Because the Critic Didn’t Notice the Ending

The racist component to the lie Mike Hanlon tells himself is the point of the movie

You may have heard that the second installment of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's IT is subpar. You may have even heard that Pennywise, the evil interdimensional space clown, is, alas, not a gay ally! But did you know the movie is also racist? So sayeth Slate pop critic Jack Hamilton in "It: Chapter Two Adapts a Storyline About Racism Into a Storyline That’s Racist."

Biden Praises Another Segregationist Senator

Sen. Fritz Hollings also made anti-Semitic jokes

Former Vice President Joe Biden praised the late South Carolina senator Fritz Hollings during a speech Wednesday, calling the Democrat a "great, great friend" who "helped me a great deal through some very difficult times."