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North Carolina Democrats Push for State To Mourn 'Catastrophe' of Israel's Creation

Party's anti-Israel resolution would commemorate Nakba Day, endorse 'right of return' for Palestinians to Israel

May 31, 2023

WATCH: Preschool Teachers Drill Students in 'Woke' Gender Language

Teachers told to teach kids as young as four about transgenderism and Black Lives Matter

February 15, 2023

'I Can Do Both': Dem Candidate Who Said He Could Both 'Troll' and Campaign Loses Race By 30 Points

Self-described 'internet troll' Kyle Parrish takes Election Day drubbing

November 16, 2022

Budd Smokes Beasley in North Carolina Senate Race

GOP congressman will succeed retiring Republican senator Richard Burr

November 9, 2022