WATCH: God Bless Fraternity Brothers, Defenders of the USA

They protected Old Glory from the filthy liberal mob. We don't deserve these heroes.

CHAPEL HILL—The American flag is still standing here on the University of North Carolina campus, days after a mob of anti-Israel protesters briefly replaced Old Glory with the "Palestine" flag.

In a scene as iconic as the U.S. Marines raising the Stars and Stripes over Iwo Jima, these valiant gentleman kept the flag from touching the ground amidst an onslaught of abuse and debris hurled limp-wristedly by filthy libs.

To their credit, UNC leaders did not pander to the mob. They cleared encampments, arrested protesters, and erected a beautiful metal fence on the main quad to protect the American flag. It has since been defaced with male genitalia and other obscenities. On the brick sidewalk just beyond the barrier, scrawled in faded chalk, the words, "We will not be moved." (Fact check: They would be moved.)

There is still some hope yet in these uncertain times. A good Samaritan started a Go Fund Me campaign that has raised more than $500,000 for the patriotic heroes. Meanwhile, a Go Fund Me in support of the UNC students and outside agitators arrested for protesting has raised just $45,000.

We haven't been this proud to be a Tar Heel since the university dodged a serious bullet in 2021 by refusing to approve tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones, the creator of the 1619 Project who described America as "one of the most unequal societies in the history of the world." Yes, she actually said that.

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