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House Republicans Pass 'Parents Bill of Rights' in Bid to Fight Woke Education

'For nearly two years, frustrated parents across this country have been trying to voice their concerns and often found themselves denied at nearly every turn,' Speaker McCarthy said

March 24, 2023

DeSantis Pivots To Brand Putin 'War Criminal'

Comment comes after likely presidential candidate referred to war in Ukraine as 'territorial dispute'

March 23, 2023

Woke Diversity Training Helps Soldiers Feel 'Included,' Military Officials Say

Comes as Republicans accuse Biden admin of promoting divisive social policies in armed forces

March 22, 2023

CNN Primetime Viewership Plummets to Three-Decade Low Among Coveted Demographic

Rating comes as liberal news outlet struggles with on-air drama

March 22, 2023

Poll: Most Americans Want Schools To Inform Parents When Students Change Gender Identity

Finding comes as House Republicans push bill that would require schools to obtain parental permission before aiding transitions

March 21, 2023

Philadelphia Agrees To Pay $9 Million to BLM Protesters for 'Pain and Trauma'

Civil unrest in May and June 2020 cost city $21 million

March 21, 2023

Cuban Baseball Player Defects From Communist Nation While Playing in Miami

Defection comes as Biden admin softens relations with authoritarian regime

March 20, 2023