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Anti-Israel Protesters at UNC Replace Stars and Stripes With Palestinian Flag

UNC protesters heckled police when they returned the American flag to the top of the flagpole

May 1, 2024

North Carolina Governor, a Democrat, Vetoes Bill That Would Protect Women's Sports From Biological Men

Roy Cooper’s veto comes after biological male seriously injured state volleyball player

July 6, 2023

Biden Taps Anti-Police and Anti-Gun Activist To Lead CDC

Mandy Cohen is the cofounder of Doctors for Obama, which embraced anti-police and anti-gun causes

June 2, 2023

North Carolina Democrats Push for State To Mourn 'Catastrophe' of Israel's Creation

Party's anti-Israel resolution would commemorate Nakba Day, endorse 'right of return' for Palestinians to Israel

May 31, 2023

WATCH: Preschool Teachers Drill Students in 'Woke' Gender Language

Teachers told to teach kids as young as four about transgenderism and Black Lives Matter

February 15, 2023