Jon Ossoff

Ossoff Announces Run for Senate in Georgia

(Updated) 32-year-old lost 2017 special election for House district he didn't live in

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff announced Monday he would run for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in 2020 to challenge Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.).

Rainmakers in the Streets, Moral Victors in the Sheets: The Democratic Party’s Deadbeat Dreamboats

White Man, Dark Horse
Democrats keep getting their hearts broken by youngish, charismatic white guys running for national office. By now, the pattern is familiar. The liberal establishment falls head over heels for a dreamboat candidate who just might win a challenging race, usually in a part of the country that does not resemble the places where members of the liberal establishment live. Journalists pen dozens of fawning profiles. Celebrities roll out endorsements, and perform at fundraisers. And yet, despite all the hype and mountains of cash, the candidate ends up losing to a generic Republican. In some cases, Democrats have embraced these defeats as a “moral victory” of sorts. But no one believes them.