Gary Peters

Land: Peters Should Donate His Water Profits

MI Dem made thousands from utility shutting off service to poor

Gary Peters tried to silence Julie Boonstra from speaking out against ObamacareMichigan Senate hopeful Terri Lynn Land (R.) is calling on Democrat Gary Peters to donate to charity profits he made from investments in the Detroit Water System as the utility resumes cutting off service to needy residents.

Peters Profits from Detroit Water

Earns thousands from utility that shuts off water to struggling residents

Gary PetersMichigan Democrat Gary Peters has earned thousands of dollars from the Detroit water system that has been attacked by many on the left for cutting off water to struggling residents.

Loan Sharknado Touches Down in Michigan

Loan shark associates shell out thousands for MI Dem Gary Peters

A man convicted in federal court on charges connected to a loan sharking ring donated more than $1,000 to Michigan Democrat Gary Peter’s Senate campaign.

Peters’ Profits

Michigan Dem slammed AIG while investing heavily in bailed out firm

Gary PetersGary Peters profited from an investment in bailed-out AIG, a firm he criticized for its bonuses during the recession.

Dems Spend Big to Hold Deep Blue Michigan

Competitive race siphons money away from red state Dems

Gary PetersNational Democrats and liberal outside spending groups are dumping money into Michigan, as nominee Rep. Gary Peters has failed to take a commanding lead in the normally safe Democratic state.

Unions, Environmentalists Spend Millions to Elect Michigan Dem

AFSCME, League of Conservation Voters spending big to elect Gary Peters

Gary PetersRadical environmentalists and big labor are pooling their resources to boost Michigan Democrat Rep. Gary Peter’s Senate campaign. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and public sector union giant AFSCME announced on Thursday that they will pool together $2.1 million to aid Peters in his race against former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land.