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Fauci's NIH Division Paid $205K for Researchers To Study Transgender Monkeys

Taxpayer-funded study aimed to explain high rate of HIV in trans women

January 10, 2022

Vegan Organization Sics FTC on Academic Journal For Failure to Condemn Red Meat

Petitioner has ties to PETA and violent animal rights organizations

October 2, 2019
Petsmart Stores Show High Earnings

Retail Giant PetSmart Names PETA in Spying Lawsuit

PetSmart says PETA paid operative to gain employment, illegally record conversations

May 12, 2019

PETA Used Paid Operative to Infiltrate PetSmart, Lawsuit Says

PetSmart lawyer says it was 'coordinated attack' by PETA and employee to collect secret footage in stores

June 26, 2018

Dutch Vegan Who Locals Found 'Annoying' Denied Swiss Passport

Animal rights activist campaigned against local tradition of using cowbells

January 16, 2018

Animal Rights Activists Suit Threatens to 'Arrest' Orthodox Jews

Attorney says threat to interfere with Orthodox religious ceremony is not meant literally

September 21, 2017

House Halts Taxpayer-Funded VA Dog Experiments

New reporting requirements come in addition to a unanimously House-passed ban on VA testing that causes pain to dogs

July 30, 2017