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Key Lawmakers Press Trump Admin to Revoke Iranian Student Visas

Push comes amid impasse on American hostages, outrage over sanction waivers 

State DepartmentKey members of Congress are engaged in a new push to punish Iran for American hostage-taking by revoking visas for relatives of regime officials either attending college in the United States or working and living in the country. "[There] are a lot of regime officials who have students here who are enjoying the benefits of our education system who are here on visas, and we need to take a hard look at upping the costs," Rep. Michael Waltz (R., Fla.) said. "My concern, from a policy perspective, is right now there is very little downside to taking the hostages, and they barely keep them alive."

One U.S. Family’s Tortuous Battle In Dubai’s Sharia Courts

Pope's recent UAE 'tolerance' praise shouldn't extend to judicial system, activists warn

Human rights activists are raising concerns about the United Arab Emirates' new claims of ground-breaking religious tolerance while its legal system —with its reliance on Sharia law—has forced a Christian American family into a five-year, tortuous court fight to recover its rightful inheritance.

Trump Warns Maduro to Stop Blocking Humanitarian Aid

Colombian president: Obstructing aid is a 'crime against humanity'

President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned of U.S. action against the Maduro regime if he continues to block shipments of humanitarian aid and other assistance from the U.S. and other countries aimed at helping the Venezuelan people.

GOP Senators to Venezuelan Generals: ‘You Have a Decision to Make’

Some lawmakers press Trump admin to re-designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, lift Helms-Burton waivers

Key Republicans on Capitol Hill are warning the Maduro government in Venezuela, as well as Cuba, that they could be officially designated as state sponsors of terrorism, a status that carries the harshest of U.S. sanctions.

Top Lawmakers Urge Pompeo to Ensure Safety of Diplomats in Venezuela

Engel, McCaul: Maduro retains control over Venezuela's security forces who could harm Americans who remain there

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Declares Self Interim PresidentThe top Democrat and Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee are urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ensure that the safety of U.S. diplomats in Venezuela remains a top priority after the Trump administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's legitimate president.

Trump’s Colombia Ambassador Pick Remains in Limbo as Chaos Erupts in Venezuela

Conservatives remain opposed to Macmanus, renew push for political, not career ambassador

With the Trump administration focused on the crisis in Venezuela and efforts to undermine Nicola Maduro's grasp on power in Caracas, foreign policy hands are concerned that Colombia, one of America's strongest allies in the region, is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Newsom’s New ‘Water Tax’ Poses Test for California GOP

GOP activists say they will target vulnerable Democrats to prevent super-majority passage

Gavin NewsomCalifornia Republicans are gearing up to target several vulnerable Democratic state legislators in an effort to block Democratic governor Gavin Newsom's proposed new tax on drinking water.