Andrew Evans

Joe’s Green Guarantee

Biden, White House pressured green energy loan, contrary to Obama’s statement, emails show

Vice President Joe Biden and the White House pressured the Department of Energy to issue a loan guarantee in 2010 for a wind farm in Oregon, undermining the president’s claim of political neutrality in the loan process.

No Competition

Taxes, debt, regulation stifling business investment in America, experts say

America is now a less favorable place to invest and start businesses, according to recent rankings of 144 countries by the Legatum Institute; and the president’s tax plans threaten to make America even less competitive.

The Poor Tax

Redistribution stymieing recovery, holding people in poverty, research shows

Welfare spending is higher than ever but it is going to people living above the poverty line—and this redistribution is actually hurting America’s economic recovery.

Money for Access (Consciousness)

Obama bundler Curry Glassell sued to have millions stripped from charities, given to herself

A bundler for President Barack Obama with a history of bankrolling liberal documentaries and teaching “Access Consciousness” classes unsuccessfully sued to keep her deceased father’s fortune out of the hands of charity.

Powering America

Candidates provide different paths for American energy economy

The United States sits atop massive energy resources that could, if developed, drive down energy prices and spur the economy. And the two presidential candidates’ energy policies approach this opportunity in very different ways, experts say.

Attacking the Kochs

False liberal attacks against the Koch brothers ramp up before election

The latest attacks on the Koch brothers, coming just weeks before the 2012 election, are riddled with hypocrisy and misrepresentations.

Meet Big Bird’s Lobbyist

Veteran government affairs official protects yellow monster's nest egg

Big Bird’s lobbyist is a thoroughgoing Washington insider, with extensive government connections extending back many years—and now he’s trying to keep Big Bird’s nest lined as federal funding for public broadcasting has come under scrutiny.

Obama’s Constitution

President runs roughshod over founding document

President Barack Obama is running roughshod over the Constitution, legal scholars say, by disregarding it, changing laws outside the legislative process, and extending federal power in unprecedented ways.

The Comeback Kid

Aggressive Romney defends his record, attacks Obama in first debate

Mitt Romney took the offensive against the incumbent in the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado, repeatedly challenging a stumbling and weary-looking President Barack Obama.

‘Bipartisan’ Board Donates to Dems Overwhelmingly

CFPB packed with staunch Democrats, few Republicans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Consumer Advisory Board, which meets Thursday for the first time in St. Louis, contains numerous Democratic donors, including a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).