ANALYSIS: Biden's Reluctance to Contract COVID-19 Highlights 'Experience Gap' Between Candidates

October 5, 2020

President Donald J. Trump's willingness to confront the China Virus (aka COVID-19) head-on as commander in chief is yet another example of the vast "experience gap" between the 2020 candidates, according to the results of a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The courageous leadership Trump has displayed in his successful quest to defeat the virus stands in stark contrast to Democratic candidate Joe Biden's timid refusal to engage the virus in personal combat. As Trump's campaign correctly pointed out on Monday, the president's "firsthand" experience fighting off COVID-19 is one of many ways in which Trump is more qualified to lead the country.

The "experience gap" between the two candidates was already plenty large when Trump announced his COVID-19 diagnosis last week. Biden has never served as president, unlike Trump. Biden has never been a successful businessman, unlike Trump. Biden has never saved college football, unlike Trump. Biden has never defeated ISIS, unlike Trump. Biden has never brought peace to the Middle East, unlike Trump.

"Listen, he has experience as commander in chief, he has experience as a businessman, he has experience, now, fighting the coronavirus as an individual," Trump campaign spokeswoman Erin Perrine said on Fox News. "Those firsthand experiences: Joe Biden, he doesn’t have those."

CNN's resident fact-checking aficionado, Daniel Dale, promoted Perrine's quote on his Twitter account. Notably, he did not challenge or attempt to "fact check" her assertions, which were undeniably true. In fact, Biden's lack of firsthand experience with the virus could be a significant vulnerability for Biden heading into the second presidential debate later this month.

America deserves a leader who isn't afraid to stand up to killers, who has looked death in the face and said, "not today, punk." ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi couldn't hide from Trump, and neither could the China Virus. Trump contracted the virus while performing his leadership duties as president, whereas Biden has remained in hiding, doing "debate prep," and playing "Despacito" on his phone.

If leadership and experience are qualities that voters consider important in a president, Trump is the clear choice. Biden could still win, however, if voters decide they would prefer an older, untested candidate. The American people should ask themselves a simple question: If Joe Biden won't stand up to COVID-19, how will he ever stand up to Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping?