Everyone Who ‘Celebrated’ America Leading the World in Coronavirus Cases Looks Like an Idiot Now, Especially Hillary

U.S. intelligence agencies are now reporting what has been obvious for weeks: When it comes to the coronavirus, as with many other things, the Chinese government is lying. The communist regime has, in all likelihood, dramatically underreported the total number of infections and deaths in China.

That means the United States almost certainly doesn't lead the world in coronavirus cases, as was widely reported last week, and almost as widely celebrated (sarcastically) by members of the media and Hillary Clinton.

Those people, especially Hillary Clinton, should feel like idiots now. But they probably don't, because much of the media's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic—which began in China—has failed to demonstrate even a hint of skepticism about the Chinese government's response. Dozens of articles were published on what the United States can "learn" from China's heroic efforts to contain the virus. Meanwhile, some outlets were blatantly regurgitating Chinese talking points and propaganda.

Early coverage of the outbreak, for example, took the data coming out of China at face value and warned against an overly aggressive government response. For example, President Trump's decision to ban travel from China in early January was denounced as racist fear-mongering. So-called experts assured us in op-eds and interviews that the coronavirus was no more dangerous than the flu.

Members of the media continue to go out of their way to earn the distrust of the American people, who are much more likely to say that Trump, for all his shortcomings, has done a better job of handling the crisis than the national media. Snarky tweets "celebrating" America's status as the world leader in coronavirus cases certainly aren't helping.