McSally and Blackburn Demand China Repay $1.6 Trillion Debt to U.S.

Senators Martha McSally (R., Ariz.) and Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) introduced a resolution Thursday that would demand China repay $1.6 trillion in sovereign debt with interest, compounding on debt existent since 1912, before the creation of the Chinese Communist Party regime, Fox News reported.

Trump Admin Designates Chinese Confucius Institute as Communist Outpost

New designation meant to crack down on proliferation of Communist propaganda in the U.S.

Chinese language teacher Fu Yongsheng at the Confucius Institute at the University of LagosThe Trump administration on Thursday designated one of China’s central propaganda hubs in the United States as a Communist Party outpost, a move meant to limit its influence and crack down on the spread of Chinese disinformation on America’s college campuses.

ANALYSIS: Why China and the U.S. Aren’t So Different When It Comes to Freedom of The Press

TikTok users and teen culture experts raise salient points in defense of Chinese-owned vlogging app

Taylor Lorenz, the New York Times‘s resident expert on teen culture, recently highlighted an “excellent piece” by former Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong. The piece, published in The Verge, criticized the Trump administration’s efforts to ban TikTok, the Chinese-owned social media app popular with sexy teens who like to dance.

Congress Probes U.S. Reliance on Chinese Spy Drones

Communist Party using technology to conduct espionage operations in the U.S.

Republican lawmakers launched a probe into U.S. reliance on Chinese-made drones, which have become standard in many state and local law enforcement agencies and are used as espionage tools by the Communist regime.