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Chinese Surveillance Giant Complicit in Uyghur Genocide Joins UN 'Sustainability Initiative'

UN Global Compact calls on members to 'make sure' they are 'not complicit in human rights abuses'

February 12, 2024

Communist-Controlled Media Rush to Defend TikTok CEO Over CCP Ties

Chinese allies attack Sen. Cotton for pressing TikTok leader on national security risks

February 1, 2024

Biden Admin Outsources Congressionally Mandated China Threat Report to Undergrads

'This report is literally the opposite of adults being back in charge,' Ted Cruz says

January 24, 2024

Biden Admin Chemical Ban Would Make America's Military Reliant on China, Manufacturers Warn

EPA proposal would force military gear 'to be manufactured from foreign sourced materials,' one company says

January 23, 2024

Chinese State Media Promote Pro-Hamas Propaganda

Communist-controlled outlets accuse Israel of targeting civilians and hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid

January 9, 2024

Jennifer Granholm's Favorite EV Deemed Ineligible for Tax Credits Thanks to Chinese Parts

'I just love these electric vehicles,' Granholm said before driving Cadillac Lyriq in June

January 6, 2024