Facing Controversy, Liberals Use Gun Control As a Shield

NBA's Kerr the latest to tout gun control advocacy in midst of scandal

Weinstein Kerr Northam TrudeauDuring a press conference last Thursday, reporters pressed Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr about the NBA's attempts to suppress support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters. Asked if China's human rights abuses have come up during his visits to the country on behalf of the NBA, Kerr said they had not—and went on to decry America's "record of human rights abuses," pointing to gun rights as an example.

Biden: Trump Is Too Weak on China

The former VP previously dismissed the China threat

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump in a speech Wednesday for being too soft on the Chinese.

Hillary Clinton Proves She’s Still Tha Kween of Milquetoast Platitudes

Presumed 2020 frontrunner weighs in (sort of) on NBA-China controversy

Hillary ClintonIt's becoming increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton, the historic failure of a politician, will enter the 2020 Democratic primary. She recently picked up her first official endorsement, and has wisely bided her time as two of the early frontrunners have succumbed to health problems on the campaign trail.