HISTORIC: Joe Biden to Be Sworn In on Jeffrey Epstein's Birthday

Coincidence? The late Democratic pedophile would have been 68

January 20, 2021

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday, bringing to a close one of the most successful administrations in American history.

In what may or may not be a coincidence, the date of the inauguration, Jan. 20, happens to be the birth date of Jeffrey Epstein, the Democratic donor and billionaire pedophile who died under suspicious circumstances in 2019. He would have been 68.

Epstein committed "suicide" in his cell following his arrest on sex trafficking charges. The arrest did not come as a surprise, given that his perverted lifestyle was widely known among his many powerful friends in the media, higher education, and the Democratic Party. Over the years, numerous national news outlets spiked stories about the victims of Epstein's abuse, often at Epstein's urging.

Epstein's arrest in 2019 was prompted in large part by a local newspaper's reporting on President Donald Trump's nominee for labor secretary, Alex Acosta. If Hillary Clinton wasn't such an unlikable human being, Trump never would have become president, and Epstein almost certainly would have continued to commit crimes. Bill Clinton, obviously, was a frequent guest on Epstein's private jet, aka "The Lolita Express."

Prominent Democratic politicians have a history of connecting their achievements to the birthdays of depraved individuals. In 2019, for example, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) unveiled her $1.25 trillion "free college" plan on April 22, the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, architect of Soviet communism.

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