Protesters Yell ‘She Stole It’ and ‘Bulls**t’ as John Lewis Praises Clinton on MSNBC

July 28, 2016

Presumed supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) yelled out repeatedly during Rep. John Lewis’ (D., Ga.) interview Thursday on MSNBC as he praised the Democrats for nominating Hillary Clinton, including cries of "she stole it!" and "bulls**t!"

Lewis benefited from a fawning interview conducted by liberal MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall, who once said she was a lot tougher than Mitt Romney was in high school. Lewis, a civil rights icon, said that Clinton’s nomination would be "historic" and "unbelievable."

"Tonight, this night, we’re going to nominate a woman," he said.

A woman on Independence Mall behind the pair immediately began yelling, "She stole it!" and was joined by others. Sanders supporters have been in high dudgeon throughout the Democratic primary, but particularly since the release of DNC emails showing party officials favoring Clinton and disparaging Sanders.

Lewis did not acknowledge the protesters, but he said he expected he would cry over the nomination of Clinton, just as he had when Obama was nominated and won his first presidential election.

"Never Hillary!" someone yelled.

Later, Lewis said her nomination would inspire young men and women around the world.

"Bulls**t!" a man yelled out.

Lewis chuckled briefly upon hearing that.

Throughout the interview, broken shouts about Clinton stealing the nomination continued as Hall and Lewis spoke.