‘Morning Joe’ Rips Into Trump Administration’s Typos: ‘Horror Show,’ ‘Embarrassing’

• July 19, 2017 7:59 am


MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski slammed the Trump administration on Wednesday for all the typos and grammatical errors in their press releases, calling it a "horror show" and "embarrassing."

Brzezinski started the segment by pointing out that the press release announcing the nomination of Jon Huntsman  to be the U.S. ambassador to Russia spelled his name incorrectly.

"Back in March, reports surfaced that a man named Jon Hunstman would be tapped for the job. That's Jon, J-o-n, but the man who ultimately got the nomination apparently spells his name differently, at least according to the White House. The official statement repeatedly spells it J-o-h-n, John."

She went on to point out several other spelling errors, including Trump's tweets.

"Now on one hand, we are having some fun here at the president's—I'm not having any fun actually, just to be honest, I just read that. This is just embarrassing," Brzezinski said. "I think the press shop at this White House, the communications office, it's a horror show. It doesn't start and end with the spelling."

Scarborough then chimed in and talked about how sloppy the White House press office is.

"Imagine if somebody that ran a press shop for any Fortune 500 company, or I dare say any mid-set level company , or even any small business that had a press shop that kept putting out misspellings and seemed to be so sloppy. I'm sure the person running that press shop would be fired," Scarborough said.

"It just shows a level of either incompetence or lack of professionalism coming out of the White House," Scarborough added.

Later in the segment, Scarborough injected Alabama football coach Nick Saban into the conversation by saying that his recipe for winning national championships is being "insane" when it comes to small details.

"You could say the same thing about John Wood. You could say the same thing about great business leaders. They obsess over the small things and if you're sloppy in the small things, you're sloppy in the big things. If you lie about the little things, you lie about the big things," Scarborough said.

"If you have a press shop that is constantly misspelling things that your 12th grade teacher and my 12th grade teacher wouldn't put up with, then you will also have a White House who has a president that didn't know any of the details of the health care bill or at least didn't know them enough to be able to sell them to his own base," Scarborough added.