Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin’s ‘Tip Sheet’ Invading Inboxes Without Consent

Former journalist calls out disgraced author's aggressive tactics

Former NBC News analyst Mark Halperin, who was fired in disgrace after multiple women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, has attempted to revitalize his journalism career by encouraging readers to "get my tip sheet in your inbox every morning" by subscribing to his email newsletter.

Biden Adviser Speaks to Disgraced Halperin for Book

Anita Dunn one of more than 75 Democratic strategists to speak with Halperin

Among the dozens of Democratic strategists who spoke to disgraced journalist Mark Halperin for his new book is Anita Dunn, an adviser to Joe Biden's campaign and former Barack Obama flack.

Just The Tip Sheet

Mark Halperin wants to cram your inbox

Disgraced journalist Mark Halperin has expressed a desire to be "reintegrated into society" after his lucrative career was derailed in 2017 by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, behavior that one former colleague described as an "open secret" at ABC News, where Halperin previously worked as political director. Thus far, society hasn't been clamoring to take Halperin back.