Morning Joe Eviscerates Hillary Clinton In Wake of Brutal FBI Report

July 6, 2016

The panel on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Wednesday eviscerated Hillary Clinton after FBI Director James Comey gave a scathing report about Clinton's use of a private email server to transmit classified information while she was secretary of state.

"Clinton's claims refuted by FBI findings if you're driving the car. No classified info, she says, that's not true. Allowed by State? That was a lie. Turned over all work emails? That was a lie. Used a single device? That was a lie. Never breached? Highly doubtful," host Joe Scarborough said.

"If the bar were any lower, it would be buried underground," Nicolle Wallace said. "So, it counted as a good day for her (Clinton) that she wasn't indicted. He cemented with those six exhibits what a lot of people worry about with her, which is that she has a horrifically difficult relationship with the truth. That the Clintons don't just think they're above the law, they function in government as though they are above the law."
"And by the way, they time and time again have proven to be above the law. You can lie under oath before a federal grand jury and you're fine," Scarborough said. "Now, you get disbarred. They disbarred Bill Clinton, but you're fine. You escape.
"If any of us lie in front of a federal grand jury, we would go to jail. We just would. If any of us mishandled classified information that way, it would not be followed by a ‘but we're not going to file charges.’ We would go to jail."
"Why did she lie the way she did at the UN?" Scarborough asked former Obama administration member Steve Rattner.
"Let's go back to the UN thing because I think you have taken, in some cases, things that, you can say she lied—," Rattner said.
"She lied," Scarborough said.
"You can say she lied—" Rattner said.
"I did. She lied," Scarborough said.
Co-host Mika Brzezinski then turned some of the fire on President Barack Obama for his speaking out on the investigation into Clinton back in April, while the investigation was still active.

"There is a big picture that is troubling as well, I think equally as disturbing because after that litany of violations that he outlined, some might say that you would think he would recommend charges. Um, nope," Brzezinski said. "That didn't happen and it seems to cap this investigation which many feel has the appearances of impropriety from the start. Let's go back to President Obama. President Obama. The President of the United States speaking out on the case."

"Who runs the Justice Department," Scarborough said.

"Which is still active," Brzezinski said.

The panel also referenced the case of a Navy reservist who was convicted on charges in a similar case as Clinton's and was sentenced to two years of probation and was banned from ever again holding a security clearance.