McCaskill: Party Will Be Unified After Resignation of Wasserman Schultz

July 25, 2016

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) said Monday that when Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) steps down from her post, the Democratic Party will be unified.

McCaskill spoke with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who said the DNC email leek showing party favoritism for Hillary Clinton during the presidential primary was "damning for the Democrats."

McCaskill acknowledged that the emails were harming to the Democratic party, but denied that there was any proof in the content of the emails that showed favoritism towards Clinton that affected voting patterns.

"Listen, I understand that what was in the emails was not great," McCaskill said. "I mean, it obviously showed that there were some people at the DNC that were really wanting Hillary Clinton to win the primary. But, I don’t find anything in emails that show they did anything to put their finger on the scale in terms of how the voting was done, or how the primaries were actually conducted."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo countered her point by saying that if someone has a bias, it is almost impossible for them to assume their actions do not reflect their bias.

McCaskill said that she understood this.

"I get that," she said. "But, Debbie is stepping down and we’re going be united."

McCaskill added that she did not believe there was going to be a "Cruz" situation tonight, referencing Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R., Texas) speech last week at the Republican National Convention during which he was booed off stage, even though there were already people booing Wasserman Schultz the first morning of the convention.

McCaskill said that the Democratic National Convention will not be anything like the Republican convention, despite the recent email scandal.

"We will be united," she said. "It will not be like the Republican convention, where the number one candidate against Donald Trump refused to say his name."